Preventive Health in Sparks, Nevada


Schedule Your Annual Preventive Visit

The Annual Preventive Visit is an opportunity to engage with your provider and ask questions about prevention and early detection of illness. You will be provided a personalized prevention plan to help keep you healthy. During this visit we will review:

  • Medical history
  • Risk for certain diseases
  • The current state of your health and your plan for staying well
  • Blood pressure
  • Height
  • Weight

Please call 775-352-5300 to schedule your Annual Preventive Visit today because we care about health, not just illness.

Medicare and Medicare Advantage Information

How Much Is It?

With Medicare and Medicare Advantage, the Annual Preventive Visit benefit is 100 percent fully covered with no deductible or co-insurance. We may refer you for screenings or services outside of the appointment. However, it should be noted that some co-pays or deductibles may apply for any additional testing that may be needed or subsequent care.

When Should I Go?

During your first year with Medicare, you will be eligible for your “Welcome to Medicare Visit.” After the first year, you are eligible for your “Annual Wellness Visit” once per year. Medicare Advantage Plan members are also eligible for annual preventive visits and/or comprehensive physical exams. Our Annual Preventive Program is able to provide all of this to qualified members.

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