Frequently Asked Questions for Pulmonary Patients, September 2023

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Q: When is my physician transitioning to the new practice?

These are the current last days each of the physicians will be working:

  • Amanda Griffith, DO – October 23, 2023
  • Steven Jarzembowski, MD – December 8, 2023
  • Aleem Surani, MD – October 26, 2023
  • Christina Szot, MD – November 17, 2023
  • Aaron Viray, MD – October 26, 2023

Q: What if I have an appointment with my physician before their last day indicated above?

Appointments currently scheduled at an NNMG location with a physician on or before their last day worked will not change. You will still be seen at the same time and location and by the same physician as it is currently scheduled.

Q: What if I have an appointment with my physician after their last day indicated above?

NNMG is providing SNPS with a list of all current scheduled appointments that occur after your physician’s last day. SNPS will contact you to get scheduled at their office. Please call them at 775-322-4550 to verify your appointment. Any appointment scheduled with NNMG after your physician transitions to SNPS will be canceled.

Q: What if I have an appointment with Sarah Teixeira, DNP?

Sarah will continue seeing patients at our Sparks office on Monday and Tuesday only starting October 30. Her practice will focus exclusively on sleep conditions. Our office will call you if your current scheduled appointment needs to be modified.

Q: Can I make an appointment with NNMG before my physician leaves?

Unfortunately, our physician schedules are booked until their final days at NNMG. Please contact SNPS to schedule a new patient appointment.

Q: How will I get refills of my medications?

If you are due for a medication refill, please contact your pharmacy to request a refill. Refill requests received before your provider’s last day worked will come to NNMG for processing. After the physician’s final day at NNMG, refills will automatically be sent to your physician’s new office by the pharmacy.

Q: Will SNPS be in-network with my insurance?

SNPS maintains contracts with most of the same insurances as NNMG. With that said, we encourage you to reach out to SNPS to verify insurance coverage.

Q: What if I don’t want to continue seeing my physician at SNPS?

If you would like to transition to a different pulmonology group other than SNPS, please ask your primary care provider to refer you to another practice.

Q: How do I get my medical records moved to SNPS?

No action is needed by the patient. NNMG is working with SNPS to seamlessly transition your records. If you are transitioning to a different pulmonology group other than SNPS, please complete and print a records release and return it to our office. We will have our third-party records vendor send the requested records to the provider indicated.

Q: What if I have a scheduled diagnostic test (CT, PFT, etc.) or procedure?

All testing and procedures that are currently scheduled will not change. You should complete these as scheduled. If you have testing that has been ordered, this will still be scheduled as normal.

Q: How will I get testing results during this transition?

All results will still be handled like normal. We encourage you to sign up for our Patient Portal if you have not already. After your physician’s last day with NNMG, test and procedural results will come from SNPS.

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